Jul 13th Current service downtime

The UK1 server is currently down and not responding to requests.

We're looking into this and will update you as and when we can.

Thank you for your patience.

UK1 came back online around 15:00 BST.

Again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

Apr 18th Service outage 16th/17th April 2013

Unfortunately, due to a "mistake" at Sirium's server host, the uk4 server has been unavailable for (at the time of writing) 24 hours. Despite trying to get this resolved, I've not had a response from the server host for well over 12 hours, despite the issue being escalated to "management". In order to help people keep up to date, and to be able ... Read More »

Jul 13th Recent downtime

Because of a major hardware issue at Sirium's hosts, we experienced several hours of downtime on the 12th. The hardware issue caused the file system to become corrupted, resulting in several issues on the server. Most of these have been sorted now, but if you are still experiencing problems, please use the ticketing system to submit a support ... Read More »

Aug 27th Backup server going offline.

The backup server, which handles secondary DNS and MX (e-mail), is going offline for a while for a rebuild.

Hopefully, this will not take too long and you shouldn't notice any interuption to your accounts.

Jul 28th Contacting sirium.net

To try and handle contact requests better, I ask that people now only use one of three e-mails when contacting me with issues relating to sirium.net, or to use the ticket system that is part of the support area (you will need to be logged in for this). These e-mail addresses are sales@sirium.net, support@sirium.net and billing@sirium.net. A bit ... Read More »

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